Prism is a syntax highlighting library written for PHP (V5). It is very lightweight (the core engine is about 10Ko only), powerful and extensible.

This pastebin is using it to render your snippets.

How to use the pastebin?
To create a new snippet, click on New paste, choose a title, a language, paste your snippet in then push the button. You can then view your highlighted code and change the theme by choosing one from the right menu.

2012.01.21 Added a basic Mozilla's Rust language support.

2011.12.29 Added Falcon and OpenDylan languages.

2011.12.27 Due to spam invasion, a captcha was added to the New paste form.

2011.10.02 The Pastebin is now running the new Prism codename 'Vega' version. Two new languages are avaible: CoffeeScript and AutoHotKey. Also, I hope you'll notice that Prism is quickest than before.

2011.01.02 Prism's sources are now avaible with a MIT licence. Read the little Readme file for instructions. There's also a JavaScript version, but I really can't find my way to handle language files loading.

2011.31.01 Prism's core engine has been cleaned up by 25%. Instead of 12Ko, Prism is now less than 10Ko.

2011.17.01 Python 2.x is now supported. I need more testers.

Bugs found ? Just tell me (kib2 at free dot fr) the problem, I'll try my best to fix it.

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