reStInPeace is a little apllication to manage your documents in reStructuredText format.

The project has been started in August 2007 as I missed a simple editor from wich I can type and view my output in HTML easily.

It is written in Python using the PyQt4 toolkit.



reStInPeace is under the Gnu GPL 2.0 Licence.




reStInPeace is rather strict :

To be done:


reStInPeace is in beta stage, so please don't complain about a missing feature yet.

No more direct download, the latest sources can be found here with their version number :

reSTinPeace betas


Launch the programm by typing this line inside the application's directory:


Thanks and links:

Sometimes, I post some news about ideas and development on my 'sort-of' static blog engine.



The 0.8 beta version, with a new Table creator dialog, using the F5 key.

The Table dialog in action

v0.8 screen

The result in the editor and view:

v0.8 screen


v0.7 screen

The older 0.5 version had a very basic snippets support, but it takes me time to get these images so it will stay for some time.



  • Added a 'French' translation, but I really don't know if it's good enough. It's working on my machine, I'm waiting for your replies;

  • Chained snippets are done, but there's some limitations :

    • If there's already a character before the cursor, the snippet won't expand:

      You can i.e chain a title with a bolded characters like this :
      type 'tit' followed by Tab. Once in the field, type 'bold'
      followed by Tab. Type your title, then Tab : you're done :)
    • You won't get dynamic updating inside the view.

  • Basic grid tables editing via F5 key highlighting; basic because rows or columns can't be spaned for the moment.

  • Added tables highlighting;


  • Editor fonts can be choosen by hitinf F4 or via the really ugly Preferences dialog.
  • Added a QSplitter widget between the editor and browser views. Those how don't have a widescreen will certainly appreciate it.
  • The docs (accessible via F1) have been updated, they're now read from a rest file.
  • Fixed a bug inside saveFile();
  • Fixed some translations typos;


  • Snippets have been rewritten from scatch.
  • The new engine is more powerfull and has some little tranformations features (not enough time for it yet).
  • Snippets are now separated from code, they've got their xml file format inside a Snippets directory. They are read with ElementTree.
  • browser.css is getting better, but not perfect :)
  • Added 3 shortcuts :
    • F1 : Help
    • F2 : Indent region (taken from the Sandbox project)
    • F3 : Unindent region (idem)
  • Added a Save button and shortcut(Ctrl-S);
  • Saving mechanism has been reviewed;

Known bugs in the latest version 0.8:


  1. Create an empty table whatever size. The array dialog won't close because I've forgotten to give the None value to ''.
  2. Accented chars won't work properly in snippets.


  1. Corrected in the last upload.
  2. Not fixed yet, but you can do it by hand by replacing the last line of wordLeftExtend function by this one :
return unicode(my_cursor.selectedText())